April 20, 2020

Step Into the Stoner Parking Lot

Two cult classic 4/20 Alamo-At-Home titles + a wicked cool new game from Mondo.

Happy holidays, friends. It's time to (virtually) congregate and partake that most sacred of secular holidays – 4/20. For your watching pleasure, we've got two very special Alamo-At-Home selections – and both films are priced, sure enough, at $4.20.

From the Something Weird and AGFA archives, we're presenting the hilarious compilation DRUG STORIES – featuring very dramatic re-enactments, spiders on speed, animated LSD tabs, lots of "cold, hard facts," and some straight talk from the inspiration behind STRANGERS WITH CANDY's Jerri Blank.

Then we've got REEFER MADNESS, the seminal cult classic from 1936 so preposterous it's like a transmission from Mars.

Meanwhile, our friends at Mondo Games have debuted a new way to celebrate and expand the puff-puff-pastime, and it's called Stoner Parking Lot. An easy-to-learn card game for 3-7 players that pits stoner vs. stoner in an epic quest to dodge narcs and make it to the van for a proper rip, it's available for pre-order over at MondoShop.com and it's expected to ship (discreetly, of course) in May.

Holiday shopping? You can save $4.20 if you purchase before 4:20 AM Central time on 4/21. Just use discount code* STONER420 at checkout.

*OFFER DETAILS: Code STONER420 must be entered at checkout and is only valid 4/20/20-4/21/20 at 4:21am CT. It can only be used once per purchase. Discount applies towards one game only.

"A silly, crazy, joyful game. Do you have to have Stoner Parking Lot in your collection? I'd be a lot cooler if you did." – ThereWillBe.Games

To demonstrate, Mondo put game creator Matt Fantastic on a video call with a few veteran weed connoisseurs, including Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and Doug Loves Movies host Doug Benson.

Featuring illustrations by Arik Roper, cover artist of the iconic stoner metal album “Dopesmoker” by Sleep, Stoner Parking Lot is a card game designed by Forever Stoked Creative and the Mondo Games team. Pairs of players collect essential items – weed, a bong, a six-pack, a lighter, a mixtape, and of course, pizza – and then use non-verbal signals to sneak off to the van to smoke.

The game's designed for either in-person or video-chat play. Players use nonverbal signals to communicate with their buds while watching for the same from the other players. If they collect the cards they need and successfully signal to sneak to the van to smoke, they get a point. If they correctly bust the opposing team, they can also get a point.

Pre-orders are available now for Stoner Parking Lot – get on it and buy it for you and a kind bud. To assist you in getting into the proper mindset, the Mondo Games team has curated a Stoner Parking Lot Spotify playlist.