April 6, 2020

Need a Taste of Alamo Drafthouse? We're Delivering.

Hungry? We're cookin'.

Missing your favorite Alamo Drafthouse snacks and meals? You’re not alone – and that’s why we’re delighted to be able to say that we’re now open for meal delivery in three locations – Austin’s Slaughter Lane, Raleigh, and Winchester, VA.

Yep, you can get lunch or dinner delivered to your door and support your local Alamo Drafthouse location via GrubHub, Favor, or DoorDash.

(Note: Hours, prices, and item availability may vary by location. Not near one of these locations? We're hoping to add more locations over the coming weeks.)

Austin (Slaughter Lane) | Raleigh

Austin (Slaughter Lane)

Austin (Slaughter Lane) | Raleigh | Winchester

Here’s a taste of what’s available.

Vegan's delight – our Buffalo Caulifower
Feel like chicken (sandwich) tonight?
You like chicken wings? We like chicken wings.
And so much more. Enjoy!