frequently asked questions

What happens to my Victory Rewards while the theaters are closed?

If you have Victory Rewards, birthday tickets, or other special offers in your Victory account that may expire before theaters are reopened – don't worry about it. When we reopen, we'll hook you up on all fronts.

What happens to my Season Pass while the theaters are closed?

We have paused all Season Pass accounts and suspended all billing. If you choose, you may resume billing within the app, and all membership fees collected while we’re closed will be donated to the Alamo Family Fund. (You can change this at any time.)

Please note that Season Pass memberships will only be directed to the Alamo Family Fund, and will not work with Virtual Cinema screenings.

Do you have anything Alamo-y to watch on YouTube?

We’ve got lots of video essays, interviews, and other silly stuff over on our Birth.Movies.Death editorial channel on YouTube, as well as a decade of archived Don’t Talk PSAs and other fun on the Alamo Drafthouse channel. Please subscribe to both.

Where are you guys on social media?

Most of our local market pages are taking a nap for the moment, so we'd encourage you to follow us via @AlamoDrafthouse on Twitter, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Facebook, AlamoDrafthouse on YouTube and @drafthouse on Instagram.

No, we're not on TikTok. For now.